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Why Easter is celebrated

What does it mean when you start to see all the shops filled with colourful Easter eggs, chocolates, bunny rabbit toys etc.? It means Easter is coming! So for those of you who may be from another country/religion/background and aren’t familiar, Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter when Jesus was crucified on the cross and resurrected after 3 days on a Sunday. Easter is held on the first Sunday after the full moon in March and can take place on any day between 22nd March and 25th April. The symbol of the rabbit and the egg we see so often during Easter symbolises rebirth.

Here’s a fun fact (from

‘The myth of the Easter Bunny actually dates back to an old German tale about a woman who used to decorate eggs and leave them for her children to find. This story was based in a time when a famine was plaguing the land; therefore, the eggs were considered a valuable and surprising gift. It is reported that as her children found the eggs they saw a bunny rabbit hopping away. Naturally, the children thought the bunny had left the eggs for them!’

It’s actually amazing that we have the opportunity to be able to celebrate life and bonding with our children through celebrations like Easter, especially with technology and the stresses of work-life getting in the way of that. So, we have written this blog about the variety of activities you can enjoy with your kids during the Easter period as we want you to save your time and effort. Instead of spending lots of time searching for activities and events, we have done that for you so continue reading this blog!

Easter Baby activities

There are a few Easter-related things that a new-born baby can begin to do like looking at things like sensory objects or Easter toys (bunny rabbits, chicks, etc.). At 24 weeks, a baby may begin to sit, roll and crawl so one fun activity you can do is hide plastic Easter eggs around the house and watch as your crawling babies move around to find them- you can also have play dates with your friend’s children and play the same game.

There will be some Easter egg hunting events listed later in the blog which your baby can be involved in, since they can crawl and use their hands. You can also fill a basket with Easter eggs and watch them carry around the basket, emptying it and filling it up again- this is extremely fun for babies!

This is just the beginning of child development and we can imagine how rewarding it is for mothers to witness even the smallest of movements that their baby makes so even these achievements should be celebrated! Finally, you can read them Easter related books- here are some examples:

Teamwork-promoting Easter activities that help you bond with your kids

Easter Printables to print at home!

One of the best ways to keep your little ones entertained for hours during the Easter holidays is with downloadable printables. They are easy peasy as all you need is paper or card, and a printer to print from the comfort of your own home. Don't forget to check out the latest designs on our website every now and then, we're always adding new printables so make sure you stop by often!

Easter DIY crafts printables- With these DIY Easter kid crafts printables, your kids can colour and make their own Easter basket, adorable bunny ears that they can wear and Easter egg shaped decorations to hang on your wall.

Easter Colouring Card- A great indoors activity. Kids will enjoy colouring in this printable Easter card with their favourite colours using pens, pencils, crayons or felt tips and gift it to their parent, sibling or best friends. A more personalised card to give to someone as opposed to getting ready-made Easter cards from the store!

All other Easter activity printables- Our many pages of printable activities are generally one of the most engaging and simplest team activities for kids. They are great for keeping them entertained and having fun while also helping them develop their gross motor skills. It's the best way to spend time together during the Easter holidays colouring in Easter eggs, bunnies, drawing, writing and more!

Spring printables- Spring is here and the trees and flowers are budding with new life, so get your kids outside in this wonderful warm weather to enjoy these printable pages that celebrate nature's beauty! 

Cool gifts & goodies that will make your kiddos happy!

You know what's a much better way to celebrate Easter? Giving your child an awesome gift instead of giving them chocolate Easter eggs. Reducing sugar consumption in kids is so important, so why not get them something they'll love and enjoy for a long time!

Crayons- Give your kids the perfect way to express themselves this Easter with these funky crayons. With shapes like Easter eggs, animals, insects or hearts they can be as creative as their imagination desires! Use them to colour in all the printable activity pages listed above!

Gratitude journals- The kids will enjoy a long holiday during Easter so make sure you take the opportunity to teach them about gratitude and expressing their love for the things they are thankful for. During these special days of Easter, we can all learn something new from nature's greatest lesson - life! Let us guide our little ones by sitting down and writing in our Mindful Dreams notebooks together!

Bath Bomb fun- Our Bath Bomb making kit is the perfect way for parents and kids to bond! This kit is easy to use, has natural ingredients and promotes teamwork and collaboration. Kids will love creating their own bath bombs, and will enjoy bonding with their parents in the process. A more exciting way to have bath time, watching the bubbles move around and fizz in the tub!

Splendid Easter events for families that promote bonding

Please note that the following events may be subject to changes, with regards to the times or dates so please double check before booking!

This event is great for your little munchkins aged 4-8! An exciting 3-day camp for kids to get together to dance, play games, make Easter crafts, go on treasure hunts and lots more!

There's an exciting new fundraising event happening in Croydon- a lovely afternoon tea party with music, kid’s games in the Wilderness garden and an adventurous Easter Egg Hunt with prizes to win! Great for families and kids of all ages!

Easter isn’t only about stuffing yourself with chocolate eggs. It’s also about the arrival of spring so taking your children to parks and nature-related places is the perfect opportunity to move them away from the world of technology! Odds Farm Park is the perfect opportunity to have a family bonding experience out in nature.

Your kids will love to interact with the adorable baby animals like lambs, goats and piglets and enjoy Easter activities like bottle-feeding the goats, collecting eggs and playing with rabbits! There will also be an Egg Hunt, arts and crafts and a surprise guest!

Begin a fun Easter trail at the London Wetland centre looking for giant yellow ducks hidden outdoors!  Your children will also be learning about the real ducks in the World Wetlands while they are looking for the giant ducks and can win a prize at the end. There will be a range of other activities too like feeding the otters and ducks or even playing in the outdoor play areas.

This family friendly event is the perfect Easter event as there is a wide variety of activities. Follow a trail through Highclere’s gardens and find clues on the way and at the end your child will win an Easter Egg! There will be games, a bouncy castle, an Easter Bonnet parade and the chance to meet cute animals!

A completely bizarre and unique take on Easter! Your mini explorers will have fun investigating, searching for clues and looking for a giant dinosaur egg! An interactive adventure for the whole family packed with dino themed games and activities.

What's more exciting than an Easter Party that has a magic and puppet show!? This party in Sidcup at The Montrose Park Club is the one to beat! Great for the whole family with lots of entertainment like bubbles, games, snow, balloons, an inflatable photo booth and lots more!

Kids will have a blast with this fun arts and crafts project they can do to celebrate Easter making their own Easter bonnet! Let their imagination go wild creating something with a unique theme that matches their personality, whether it’s wildlife, eggs, chicks or rabbit themed!

Your mini farmers will have an adventure in the garden at Hen Corner hunting for eggs- real AND chocolate ones! The best part? They get to meet and hug the chickens, get creative with activities like Easter crafts for kids, and make Hot Cross buns. Yummy!

There are just too many events in and near London to list in this blog so you can check out Eventbrite to find the most exciting indoor and outdoor kid activities to do with the family this Easter!

Easter is a great time to get together with your friends and family, have some fun in the sun, and enjoy all that the season has to offer. Whether you’re going on an Easter egg hunt, playing games or just spending time outdoors, make the most of it and create wonderful memories with your little ones. If you have any other Easter-related activities that you enjoyed as a child or with your own kids, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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