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Why try printables?

Printables are so great for young children because not only are they fun and entertaining but they’re also an easy way to learn how to colour, write, draw and can help improve gross motor skills. Children can practice tracing letters, writing numbers, drawing shapes and colouring in pictures on a variety of different themed pages such as dinosaur themed, Easter, birthdays and so much more! Printables are a great, simple and mess-free way for parents to bond with their kids and teach them new things. The best thing is that since they come as downloadable digital files, that means you can print them out as many times as you like and your little ones will be occupied for hours and hours!

Printable colouring pages for kids are far more than just a fun hobby and keeping them occupied. They are great for their mental and emotional health as well as their manual and intellectual development. Here are the key benefits of colouring: 

  • It stimulates their creativity and enhances your child’s imagination
  • It’s a great tool that helps them to express themselves through choosing colours and the boundaries of the colouring page
  • It’s proven to be therapeutic- helps them to relax and to release their stresses/worries
  • It improves their pencil grip and their handwriting skills
  • It helps kids to recognise different colours, shapes, images etc.

How to use printables

There are so many situations where printables will be the perfect activity for your kids to do. Here are a few of them:

  1. If you’re going on a long family road trip, printables can keep your kids occupied so they don’t get bored!
  2. Similar to the above, you can also take them with you on trains
  3. The sun is out!? Then go to the park with your kids and enjoy being surrounded by nature while they do the printables!
  4. Birthday parties! Get your kids together with their siblings, cousins, best friends and colour in together! A great teamwork activity!
  5. They make a great indoor activity on rainy days
  6. You and your child have a doctor or dentist appointment? Printables can keep them occupied while waiting for your turn. It will also help calm their nerves and keep their mind busy if they are anxious to be seen
  7. A really creative idea is to use other things to fill in the colouring printables such as sequins, glitter and other crafty items

Printable dinosaur pictures

Kids will have a blast getting familiar with Dinosaurs with these cool and educational printables! With activities like colouring pictures, shadow matching, counting dinosaur eggs and more, there's something for every little explorer. They'll have so much fun they won't even realize they're also building important skills like fine motor control, problem solving, and concentration. So grab some felt tips or crayons and get ready for some big dino fun!

Birthday Party printable activities for kids

The best way to get your kids together practicing teamwork with their siblings, cousins and friends is at birthday parties! You’ll have no problem keeping everyone occupied and working together to colour and complete our printables! Plus, it's always great seeing those who don't know each other getting along well enough yet finding common ground over something colourful happening on paper- a great way to socialise! A simple yet awesome activity that won’t need so much cleaning up afterwards.

Printable colouring pages: Get creative and colour in balloons, party hats, presents, cakes and more!

Printable birthday cards: Personalised birthday cards for kids are a great way to make sure they feel special on their big day. This template makes it easy, just download and print out on white card at home! One design for girls and another for boys, all kids will love them!

Printable alphabet letters

Learn the alphabet with this exciting alphabet printables activity book that your little one will love. They'll be able to practice their colours and shapes while learning all about letters and sounds! Get them to colour in with our crazy handmade crayons that are perfect for practicing their gross motor skills! One of the best printables for toddlers! 

Printable tree without leaves

Printables can be used for a variety of purposes, from educational activities to simple crafts! However, sometimes it can be tricky to find new ways to fill in printables. One solution is to use petals, leaves, little twigs etc. These items with beautiful textures can be found in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes, making them perfect for filling in the ‘Design Your Own Tree’ page in our nature themed printables! Plus, they can be easily collected from your backyard or a local park. So next time you're looking for a new way for your little ones to fill in a printable, consider this new idea!

Printable flowers for the Spring season!

Flower printables are a great way to add a splash of colour to your kids' artwork! And what could be more fun than going on a flower-picking adventure together to get the petals you need to stick on the printables? Parks and big green spaces are ideal for this activity, as you're likely to find a wide variety of flowers all in one place. Your kids will LOVE going on an adventure collecting petals of different shapes, colours and textures to create their very own work of art. Flower printables are a great way to encourage your kids to get outside and explore the natural world - and they'll have a blast doing it!

The best crafty printable activities

Make Your Own Box: Looking for a small trinket box for your kids to place on the shelf in their bedroom and put little things they want inside? These printable boxes are the perfect craft they can make by themselves at home. They are already designed, one for each gender. But if you want a custom design with an individual touch - our blank third option is perfect to fill in the colours and details of what makes up YOUR kid's personality!

My Own House: Kids can draw, colour and design their own house and then cut it out and stick together, with a worksheet where they write about the activities they do in each room. Crafty and gets them to practice their memory and writing skills!

My Teddy Puppet: What’s cuter than a cut-out teddy bear with your child's favourite colours? Your little one can design this cuddly creature by colouring, painting, adding sequins, pom-poms or anything else they wish. Once completed it'll be time to cut the pieces out with the help of an adult and stick them together to make their own adorable teddy puppet!

Make Your Own Gratitude Watch: Allow your little one to pick out what he or she is grateful for on any given day before drawing it onto their very own watch! This wonderful idea could help teach gratitude while also reminding them about the importance of showing appreciation. They’ll love wearing their personalised watch around their wrist throughout the day!

Printables for different celebrations!

Valentine’s Day: Help your kids get creative on this love-filled day by giving them a fun activity to do with these Valentine’s printable pages! There are 12 pages of activities like colouring in, creative writing and expressing the things they love.

Mother’s/Father’s Day: Our printable Mother's Day and Father’s Day cards are the perfect way to let your children show their love for you parents on your special day. They’ll have fun colouring in and writing their own appreciation messages inside. These mother and father activity pages are also great for your kids to express the things they love most about their parents and getting to know them better.

Easter: With these DIY Easter kid crafts printables, your kids can colour and make their own Easter basket, adorable bunny ears that they can wear and Easter egg shaped decorations to hang on your wall. They can also enjoy making this printable Easter card with their favourite colours using pens, pencils, crayons or felt tips and gift it to a parent, sibling or best friend. A more personalised card to give to someone as opposed to getting ready-made Easter cards from the store!

Halloween: Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, and these printables for kids are the best way to get into the Halloween spirit! From pumpkin templates to creepy spiders and ghosts, these printables are sure to get your little ones excited. Colour them in and then cut and stick them around the house to add a crafty touch to your Halloween decorations!

Christmas: Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to show your loved ones you care than by giving them printable xmas cards coloured in by your kids very own hands? These cards are sure to bring a smile to anyone. So download and print them out on pieces of white card and let the Christmas creativity commence!

Write a special Christmas message inside and give them to your friends and family. They're sure to cherish these homemade cards forever! Have even more fun writing and colouring a letter to Santa or decorating a tree with cut-out ornaments!

So there you have it! Our top picks for the best printables to keep your little ones entertained for hours! We hope your kiddos love them as much as we do. Let us know which printables were a hit in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with all your friends and other parents who are looking for some fun activities to keep their kids busy too!

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