About us

Hi there! I'm Nastaran, I live in beautiful North London with my family and I have always loved creating a special atmosphere with the kids!

I am a mum and artist who knows just how challenging it can be to juggle parenting with everything else. But I also know that living with younger kids is just about the best thing in life and an amazing planned moment with children is truly unforgettable! That's why I created Kidelp - a website packed full of useful information and products that help make life interesting and more relaxing for families with kids. Plus, we have some great handpicked products designed specifically to get families bonding over exciting group activities instead of spending time in front of screens or TVs. 

When we launched KIDELP in 2019, our goal was to make parenting easier. But when the pandemic hit, it became clear that children were being affected by so much more than just day-to-day stress—they were feeling fear of death and insecurity about their future as well.  I felt a responsibility to help those affected by this stressful period and I wanted to find ways to make a difference in their lives with our products and services. That's why I chose to pursue professional education in Art Psychotherapy & art and  mindfulness classes became my job - consequently I could help create healthier relationships between families who use our products and services. At KIDELP we believe, by investing in strong bonding between parent and child and making lasting memories together, and building teamwork skills; We are working hard towards a brighter tomorrow for all of our customers!

Kidelp is here for kids who need a helping hand to become more sociable, happy, independent and confident individuals. With our products and services, parents can trust that they are giving their children the best support - building stronger relationships with them as they grow! After all, every child deserves our full attention in these unique times of Covid-19. The most important thing is to give our little ones the best support and we are here to help you along the journey.  

We hope that through Kidelp, you can find new ways to bond with your children so they are always filled with happiness and a passion to learn and grow. You can also follow us on our social media pages to stay connected and to support each other!