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Why Christmas is the best holiday!

Christmas is probably the most wonderful and joyful time of the year! Despite the cold weather, it’s a time when friends and families get together and spend quality time with each other. We can see all the magical lights in the cities and the sparkle in our children’s eyes. And let’s not forget the gift giving part of it which kids love the most! Christmas can also be the perfect opportunity for parents to teach beneficial lessons to their little ones such as patience, love, family, friendship and teamwork!

Why are teamwork skills important for children?

Activities that involve teamwork are so crucial to children’s development as it helps them to understand others, work together to reach a goal, build friendships and communicate. In this case, kids can practice teamwork though playing Christmas games together, putting up decorations with the whole family or getting crafty to build and make Christmas related things! By working as a team, kids develop life skills like problem-solving, listening, leadership and creative thinking. They can also develop higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, empathy, and compassion.

So try to incorporate teamwork by involving your kids in everything you do at home- whether its playing Christmas games, making art together, doing chores or anything else!

What are some great Christmas activities you can do at home with your kids & family?

Christmas printables:

Printables are one of the best ways to keep your kids occupied for hours! Not only is it so fun for them but it’s also educational as it helps develop their motor skills, confidence, imagination and creativity. It’s a great way for kids to express themselves and enjoy quality time with siblings, friends or even with you parents during the festive season!

Here are a few of our FREE Christmas printables you can download and print at home:

Christmas movies for the family to watch together:

  1. Home Alone (1990)- About a young kid who’s accidentally left by himself when the whole family was supposed to travel to Paris together. He has an adventure at home until he has to protect the house from two crazy and clumsy robbers!

  2. ELF (2003)- Buddy was taken to the North Pole as a toddler and raised by Santa’s elves. How he’s on a quest to find his real dad!

  3. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)- Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of Halloween Town stumbles into Christmas Town and falls in love with the idea of Christmas that he decides to make his own version!

  4. The Santa Clause (1994)- Tim accidentally kills a man wearing a Santa Claus outfit. He’s then transported to the North Pole to replace the role of Santa in preparation for the next Christmas!

  5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)- A green grumpy and revenge-seeking creature called the Grinch plans to ruin Christmas for the whole town!
  6. Klaus (2019)- After proving himself to be the worst student at the academy, a postman is sent to a frozen town in the North where he discovers a reclusive toymaker named Klaus. A selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker form an unlikely friendship, delivering joy to a cold, dark town that desperately needs it.

  7. Jingle All The Way (1996)- A father does everything he possibly can to buy a Turbo Man action figure for his son for Christmas that’s sold out everywhere!

  8. Arthur Christmas (2011)- Santa delivers present to every single kind with a high-tech operation in the North Pole! This year, Santa misses one kid and gets the help of his son to make things right!

  9. Frozen (2013)- About a princess Anna, who goes on an adventure with an iceman, his reindeer and snowman to find her sister Elsa whose icy powers have trapped their kingdom in eternal winter!

  10. Noelle (2019)- Santa’s daughter has to take over his role of Santa when he decodes to retire and her brother who’s supposed to take over, doesn’t want the job.

Christmas crafts you can make at home:

  • Christmas Wooden Ornaments Colouring Kit: Instead of buying ready made baubles and other hangings for your tree, get this DIY Christmas colouring kit that will improve your child’s creativity and imagination. They will love to sit down with you and colour these beautiful wooden ornaments and you can see the sparkle in their eyes when they hang them up and are proud of the end result!

  • Felt Christmas Tree: This Felt Christmas Tree kit is a fun and crafty way for your kids to make their own mini 2D Christmas tree. They will have so much fun decorating it with all the little felt ornaments by themselves or with friends/siblings! Get crafty together!

  • Paper plate crafts: Your kids will love using paper plates to make a variety of other Christmas decorations like an angel to put on your Xmas tree and Santa and Snowman decorations to stick on their wall.

  • Christmas slime recipe: Kids absolutely love making slime and can be entertained for hours! This is the perfect festive recipe to make green Christmassy slime and decorate it with crafty bits and pieces like glitter, pompoms, sequins and more!

  • Family Handprint Xmas Tree: A fun and simple activity for the whole family. Each family member should trace both hands on green coloured card and then cut it out. Arrange the hands and layer them in order from smallest to biggest – the smallest being the top of the tree to the biggest being the bottom of the tree. Now you have a Christmas tree made from all your hands!

  • Children’s Christmas Stocking: Print out the stocking templates and they can have fun colouring it in and then tying the two pieces together with string so they can actually put little gifts inside! Parents can help kids with this activity and each person in the family can make their own personalised stocking!

  • Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts: This is one of the most fun Christmas activities for kids. You’ll basically need a bunch of toilet paper rolls that you don’t need anymore to make the most adorable Christmas characters! Your kids can choose one from their favourite Christmas characters: Santa, Reindeer, Snowman and Elf or if they’re feeling extra creative, they can make all 4 of them!

  • Cooking with your kids! Cooking provides lots of messy and adventurous excitement for your kids and they can learn so much about teamwork, collaboration, confidence, self-esteem and more! You can read our blog about Christmas Recipes to make all sorts of yummy foods with your mini chefs!

Christmas team building activities & games

  • 7 simple and entertaining team building activities for the whole family! Choose from various activities/games like the Christmas Stocking Race, Secret Santa Millionaires, Jingle All The Way Scavenger Hunt and more!

  • Christmas Piñata- Can be played inside or outside, in a big open space. Buy a Christmas themed piñata such as a Santa Claus one and hang it up. All kids (aged 4+) just need to take turns bashing the piñata with a long stick, while blindfolded, until the sweets or treats that are inside comes out!

  • Button Button- the simplest game that is quite thrilling and makes the kids think and question their guess! All you need is a button! Choose a red or green button to match the festive Christmas theme. Best for kids aged 3-7.
  • Snowman Pass The Parcel- This pass the parcel has 8 awesome gifts for kids like puzzles, bookmark, notebook, mini bowling set and more! Kids need to pass the ball around the circle of players and unwrap a layer to reveal one of the cool gifts!
  • Musical Chairs- Count the number of kids/parents who want to play this game. There should be the same amount of chairs as there are players, but take away 1 chair. Arrange all the chairs in two rows, back to back and play some fun Christmas music. The children have to walk/move clockwise in a line, around the chairs and when a designated person pauses the music, players have to quickly sit down in a chair. The last person standing (who wasn’t able to find a chair) loses and has to sit out of the game. After each round, 1 chair has to be removed until there's only 1 chair left with 2 kids walking around it. The last person who’s able to sit down wins the game!
  • Musical Statues- This game is challenging but really exciting and slightly similar to the previous game. The players have to spread out around the room and dance/move around as the Christmas music is playing. When the music stops, the children have to stay as still as a statue! Whoever moves loses and the last person standing wins!
  • Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss- Such an exciting game for kids to play with their friends, siblings or the whole family during your Christmas party! One person can wear the inflatable reindeer headpiece and the other player has to throw the inflatable tyres onto the reindeer’s antlers!

Christmas gift ideas for your kids under age 8!

These kids have been specially chosen as they are perfect for promoting teamwork with your kids!

  • Children’s Wooden 4-in-1 Double Sided Rotary Easel- Give your kids hours of entertainment this Christmas with this awesome rotary easel for them to draw on and get creative! Their imagination and artistic skills can develop through painting and colouring, as well as their gross motor skills improving!
  • Mosaic Puzzle with DIY Drill Screw Driver- This makes the perfect Christmas present, especially for your little boys who love to fix things! They can be mini DIY technicians while creating cool colourful shapes and screwing them together!

  • Children’s Wooden Bear Balancing/Stacking Blocks- The most adorable educational toys and Christmas gifts for babies and toddlers, with bright colours to improve their brain development! These stacking bears also great for sensory play and improve their hand-eye coordination. Have a special bonding time with your little ones stacking the bears up together and enjoying balancing them on top of each other until they fall!

  • I Believe in Myself Digital Designs- A digital file of our adorable designs that you can print from the comfort of your own home! Your kids can choose where they want the design, such as framing and hanging them in their bedroom! An inspiring set of designs that remind your little ones of their worth! 

We hope you and your little ones can benefit from all these ideas during the festive season and that you have the best and most wonderful Christmas with the whole family, making many unforgettable memories! Let us know in the comments below if you used any of our ideas and what activities you did with your kids!

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