Christmas Cooking Bundle for Teamwork with Kids---deals!

Want to spend more time with your kids this Christmas with less tv? This set has everything you need for endless fun and learning! Use this set as a purposeful family project to create a wonderful bonding time with your kids, teach them cooking skills and keep them occupied. We know how joyful family cooking time is, so don't miss that as our kids will never be this age again! 
We are providing a set of cooking tools for your kids, together with nice colourful aprons, Christmas patterned rolling pins and Christmas cookie cutters for you, ready to go with a PDF full of encouraging recipes!

To reduce boredom and create a brilliant time with your kids, step up and take this opportunity for them to practice their cooking skills especially with their family and make the best memories. It is extremely important that they participate and learn how to listen to others, how to speak, to be heard and how to get involved. Teamwork improves self-confidence and it encourage learning in an entertaining way!