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Having a high self-esteem is KEY to living a happy successful life. Unfortunately, not everyone has a high self-esteem and this could be for many reasons, one of which could be due to environment, the people around them and many other factors. Kids are easily influenced from a young age so the earlier we can assist them to develop their self-esteem, the less likely they are to go through situations which could harm their mental health in the future.

Here’s what it looks like when children have high self-esteem! 

  1. They will have their own sense of identity and purpose in life and will keep trying to reach that purpose or ‘goal’ without worrying about failing.
  2. They will be confident enough to stand up for themselves when experiencing criticism from others.
  3. They will truly love and value themselves- this also includes their appearance. They will appreciate every ‘flaw’ they have and see those ‘flaws’ as being unique.
  4. They will have great social and interaction skills, not being afraid to meet new people and enter into new/challenging situations, whether it’s a new relationship, new school etc.
  5. Being able to accept the past for what is was, accepting life for what is it now, knowing that you are on the right path and changing your path if it’s not for you.
  6. They will have great mental health AND physical health.
  7. They will be motivated to keep pushing forward and succeeding without giving up.

If this sounds exactly like how you would want your kids to grow up, then we have the perfect program for you!

What is this life-changing program that can I help my child!?

Well, the amazing thing is that not only will you be helping your kids but you’ll also potentially be helping the rest of society! How? Well here is the fantastic opportunity- a program where you can be taught the skills required to become a self-esteem coach, to gain a rewarding career through working with children and supporting them with their development. Even if you don’t want a change of career, you can still use the skills you learn in this course and utilise them for your own kids! You can have a wonderful impact on your kids, the children you work with and also be essentially shifting the consciousness of future generations!

With OR without a career-change, this program is absolutely life-changing.  There is a lot you can learn about and many different resources you will receive.

Some of the great tools you can learn about are: 

  • Supporting children to overcome early challenges by discovering the origins of low self-esteem
  • ‘Visioning’ and how it can transform your child’s life
  • Acquiring the antidote to negative self-talk
  • Developing your children’s gifts
  • Learning how to set goals in a fun way
  • Teaching children how to instantly diffuse their anger, free them from negative feelings and turn their fear into excitement & positive expectation

These points are just a small percentage of what you will actually learn from the program. It’s so incredibly amazing that its hard to put into words! Don’t just take it from us, read these few testimonials from people who also think the program is great: 

“If you want your children to grow up happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled adults, you must help them cultivate high self-esteem. 31 Ways to Champion Children to Develop High Self-Esteem is an invaluable program for any parent. It should be required reading.” -Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author 

"This program is an amazing guide that any parent, teacher, grandparent, aunt, uncle or older sibling can easily follow to help guide the healthy mental growth of a child. It offers insights, skills, strategies and actions that will encourage all those who seek to be great parents or participants in the healthy rearing of children with a plethora of ways to do so. We need not try and figure out what we need to do or how we need to do it on our own. Dr. Joe offers us the blueprint to follow." - John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author, The Answer and Having It All. Featured in The blockbuster movie and book The Secret.

“What a FABULOUS program! You can improve your self-esteem or help build it in the lives of your children by implementing the simple but powerful points that Dr. Rubino teaches.  We know there is no parenting manual that comes with the baby ... well this program would work ... as self-esteem is an essential ingredient in raising successful children. Thank you for taking the time to put all this valuable information in a program that we can refer to over and over.  This is an essential resource for EVERYONE and it's never too late to use it!"  - Lisa Johnson, Lifestyle Connoisseur,

You can read more of the testimonials by clicking here. Make the most of the program, you won’t regret it!

Why do some people grow up with a low self-esteem?

Unfortunately, not all kids are raised in the best environment, with great parents or role models and this is a huge factor in their mental-health development. Here are just some of the main reasons why many kids grow up with a lack of self-esteem:

  • Trauma or abuse at the hands of others (could be parents, caregivers, teachers or anyone!)
  • Life-events that cause stress in their life such as the divorce of their parents, moving to a different place (country, school etc.)
  • Ongoing medical conditions/issues
  • Being around negative people or bad influences whether it’s a caregiver or their friends/peers at school
  • Bullying
  • Unsupportive parents/carers
  • Mental health disorders such as generalised anxiety or depression

What happens if your child doesn’t have enough self-esteem?

Not having enough self-esteem can lead to many problems later on in life. Your children will be more likely to avoid certain situations, worrying that it might be too stressful, that it might be too embarrassing or that they might fail. So, in essence, they won’t take risks or put themselves in new situations which is essential for their development. Low self-esteem can also make it difficult for them to put themselves in social situations, to make friends or build relationships. They can suffer from horrible feelings like anxiety, depression, loneliness, lack of motivation and poor body image. These feelings can result in drinking alcohol or taking drugs to ‘numb’ those feelings so they can feel better.

This program will ENSURE that your child is raised securely with minimal problems later on so if you don’t consider it, you are essentially LOSING out. Knowing the terrible impact low self-esteem can have on your child, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have the ability to prevent this so that they can live a joyful and successful life!? Of course, you’ve had some challenges when you first brought your child into this world but as children grow up, you start to face new responsibilities. And this new responsibility is the BIGGEST one- to help your child gain self-esteem so they can grow up into a secure, happy individual. 

ACT NOW. The future of your child is in your hands!

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