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Isn’t it such a great feeling when you FINALLY get to leave the dirty diapers aside and never have to change a nappy again!? Not only that but now you can save hundreds of pounds not having to spend so much buying new packs of nappies every single day! Another bonus is no more using non-recyclable products that can harm the environment!

How to tell if you AND your child are ready for potty-training?

Of course, it is both you AND your child that makes the process go forward. So it’s better to think about yourself and your future plan. You are in charge of deciding when to start potty-training your child so its important to make sure you don’t have other priorities that could distract you during the process such as an oncoming holiday. It’s best to start potty-training when there aren’t huge disruptions or changes to your child's or your family's routine. Consistency is crucial so that your child doesn’t get confused.

 Maybe you’re not even mentally ready yet- believe me, as a parent I’ve been there. I’ve been in your shoes. I had too many things on my mind at the time I wanted to start potty-training my child such as financial problems, day-to-day stresses and general worries and anxieties and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fully focus on this. I waited a few weeks when my life came together and I felt more relaxed and ready to start! You need to be able to set some time aside for this priority and put all your energy into it so that you and your child can progress easily and more effectively. Once you put your dedication and commitment into it, you will see the magical result!

What are some problems that might come up during potty-training?

  1. You might experience some resistance from your child to use the potty which makes the transition harder and more time-consuming.
  2. Possible accidents.
  3. Kids are really curious so they might start playing with their excrement.
  4. They might have weak bladder control in the beginning as they haven’t recognised the need or urge to urinate yet.
  5. They might urinate or have a bowel movement straight after being taken off the potty.
  6. Having accidents in bed while they’re sleeping.

Another problem is that some parents end up giving up and go back to diapers. This is the WORST thing you can do for your child’s development. DON’T DO IT. It will do more harm than good. Here’s why: ‘"But when we switch back and forth, the child loses the experience of being wet/pooped on/uncomfortable and is getting mixed messages." Same goes for inconvenient times like long road trips or family events like weddings. While it's tempting to go back to diapers, consistency matters.’

These points aren’t written here to put you off. All parents have experienced these struggles and difficulties so it’s completely normal! You just have to be patient as every child is different and have their own set of needs.

The SIMPLE 5-step process to potty-train your child in just a few hours!

There’s just so many different ways of potty-training your child and a variety of methods used by different parents, some of which might work and some of them may not.

What you need is a simple 5-step method of potty-training that makes it fun for you and your child and doesn’t stress you out and give you anxiety. The digital copy of the book called ‘Potty Train Your Child By NOON...And Have FUN Doing It!’ by Kim MacPherson teaches you a fun, fast and effective 5-STEP process to potty-train your kid in just a few hours! This process promotes play and bonding by turning this activity into a game where you can smile and laugh together instead of it being stressful and tiring. Wouldn’t you love for potty-training to be just another bonding time for you and your little one? 

Some of the things covered in this wonderful e-book:

  • How you can tell if you and your child are both ready for potty-training
  • What you will need to prepare
  • A complete schedule for the day you are ready to begin potty-training
  • What to do if it doesn’t work right away
  • Why it’s not necessary to be spending LOTS of money on how to potty-train
  • The 5-step process that you will be using

If you are thinking that this sounds way too easy to be true, then it actually is! It’s really not as difficult as many parents think it is. Just keep your mindset positive. Here is a testimonial by Kim who had used this e-book:

“Words can't even describe how excited I am that my daughter Amanda is finally potty trained.  We have struggled with this since she turned two, and even though I felt she was ready then, I can see now that I wasn't doing the right things to get her to use the toilet. After almost six months of torture, it took only one day (less than a day, actually) of your method and Amanda is finally ‘there’!”

You can find a couple more testimonials as well as the e-book here. Can you believe it can actually take only a DAY as opposed to MONTHS!? Well, try it for yourself and see! 

Here’s some advice to help you stay strong and focused:

Patience is KEY. Be careful not to take out your anger or frustration on your kid. Don’t criticise them or punish them. Instead, try to motivate them with words of encouragement and positivity so that they are more likely to succeed. Don’t use nagging to get your child to use the potty, it will only create more resistance. Stay calm, even in the case of accidents. Remind yourself that you are doing amazing. You have made it up to here so keep going! Parenting is a lot of responsibility so it’s fantastic that you’ve managed to do it. You’re a great parent and your child is lucky to have you!

Make the most of this amazing e-book for an unbelievably smooth transition from diapers to the potty and let us know your great success stories in the comments below!

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