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At first it can seem too good to be true since improving self-esteem is not easy, especially as you start to get older. That’s why building your child’s self-esteem from a young age is extremely crucial and children NEED the support of their parents to reach their full potential.

Why is it important to have a high self-esteem?

Children need a sense of self-worth to be able to succeed in life. They need to learn to confront their struggles and be able to defend themselves in difficult situations such as bullying or peer pressure in school. Confidence will enable them to try new things and cope with mistakes and failures. It will help them to keep a positive mindset and to keep trying no matter what.

How can I help my child to have a high self-esteem?

One of the biggest ways to help your child gain self-esteem is through providing opportunities for them to get out of their comfort zone and try new things! One idea is keeping an ‘Adventure Diary’ where you and your child note down each time they did something brave, adding pictures, drawings, notes and other mementos that they can look back on and be proud of. Another way to increase their self-esteem is to create a kind of reward system like a sticker chart where your child receives a sticker each time they do something new/brave and once they receive a certain number of stickers, they get a prize- this will motivate them to keep trying new things while getting rewarded for it.

There are fun art activities that you can try out such as ‘hand tracing’, ‘rainbow compliments’ and other activities that involve writing the things that your child is good at or things that they like about themselves, helping them to build themselves up.

This Guatemalan Worry Doll tutorial is another fun way to get creative, making dolls that children can confide in, releasing their worries and stresses when they go to bed at night. These dolls help increase their confidence by verbalising any issues or problems they have, making them feel reassured rather than bottling up their worries.

What is ‘Ballooning’ and how can it help your child’s self-esteem from the comfort of your own home? 

Maybe you’ve heard the word ballooning before, which usually refers to the activity of flying hot air balloons! In this case however, ‘Ballooning’ means to create balloon animals. You’ve seen your kids when they are in the presence of balloons right? They suddenly get so happy, excited, full of energy and they love to see all the different colours and shapes! They would love them even more if they could make animals by themselves- it’s like a magical experience for them!

Teaching kids to make balloon animals rather than watching them be made is so empowering for them! It helps them to develop motor skills, spatial cognition, hand-eye coordination as well as giving them a feeling of accomplishment.  

Barak Dagan, an internationally-acclaimed balloon artist can provide you with the fantastic opportunity of having bonding time with your kids, getting creative together to discover the secrets of making balloon animals! Barak is very talented, having taught at the biggest balloon twisting convention in the whole world! He has had his art displayed in 2 solo exhibitions and he has also taken part in the Guinness World Record for the LARGEST balloon project! Unbelievable!

He has a deep passion and has taught many kids and families and over some time, he has created a course with a step-by-step guide that shows the secrets of creating balloon animals and objects. You and your kids will enjoy this bonding time throughout the course and what’s even better is that your kids will love it so much that they will stick to it. It’s all video-based which makes learning entertaining! Learning this great new skill can inspire your children to follow their dreams and passions and enter into new challenges without being scared!

And what if you DON’T have a high self-esteem!? 

Then this can lead to lots of problems! One of them is that your kids won’t value themselves. They will be very sensitive to criticism and will constantly feel down. They can have horrible feelings like anxiety, depression and lack of motivation. They will dwell on the past, worry about the future and have a fear of trying new things.  There may be negative self-talk such as thinking they aren’t good enough for other people and that they are unattractive- ‘I’m ugly’ ‘I’m boring’ ‘I’m not skinny enough’ etc. They will see themselves as unworthy and incapable of happiness. They will hide away and avoid social situations and things they find challenging.

You might have thought that your child’s low self-esteem is only temporary or that it’s not a big deal as they are still young but that’s far from the truth. If it begins at a young age, there is a very high chance of it continuing in the future, causing long-term problems. Avoidance of challenging obstacles can be extremely detrimental; according to the NHS ‘this can backfire because it reinforces your underlying doubts and fears. It teaches you the unhelpful rule that the only way to cope is by avoiding things.’

Here’s what experts have said about this Ballooning course:

These testimonials from a couple of experts can hopefully show you why the course is so great and really emphasize how kids can benefit from them.

“The videos are accompanied by key phrases that are meaningful for the children, such as ‘don’t worry, the balloon can take it’, or in other words – trust yourself and your balloon. In his videos, Barak emphasizes the significance of ‘trusting’ yourself and that the action you are about to carry out is possible.” (Nir Yoels, MA, Psychotherapist). 

“Such an experiential and creative hobby may also advance mental processes related to imagination and creative skills, as well as contribute to the sense of self-worth and self-efficacy… This process may also contribute to the advancement of the child’s social skills.” (Gabriel Tzur, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist & Neuropsychologist). 

If you’re only about 98% convinced but you still need some more convincing, you can click here to read more testimonials from the words of true professionals about this valuable and exceptional Ballooning course!

It’s time to act NOW! 

Imagine living a life FULL of fear and anxiety. It’s unfathomable and no human being should live like this. NO human being would want to experience any of this, let alone to see another person suffering, especially if it’s your OWN child. 

So, after reading all this, if you know that something so life-changing yet so SIMPLE as making balloon animals can help build self-esteem in your child, wouldn’t that be REMARKABLE? You will love seeing your child’s eyes light up while trying out all the fun activities in the course. 

This probably won’t apply to you but just so you know, a FULL 60-Day Money-Back guarantee is also offered when you enrol on this course (just in case you aren’t satisfied for some strange reason!) Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are and tell us about you and your child’s experience!

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