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One of the best things about Easter? Having an excuse to stuff our faces with food especially with chocolate through the exchange of Easter Egg gifts. Of course, this year it will be more difficult than usual to celebrate Easter and exchange gifts because of us being stuck in quarantine due to this Corona virus pandemic. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying cooking at home and using this opportunity to teach your kids how to bake or cook and have family fun while getting messy!

If you’re feeling creative, you can look through our chosen recipes that we think would be perfect for the whole family. We understand that sometimes parenting can at times be challenging so we want to make this blog feel like a slight weight off your shoulder. You can even get ideas for an Easter ‘party’ that you might be having at home or generally incorporate them into activities to do with children, such as our blog on Easter games, arts and crafts. Of course, this year you shouldn’t invite people over for a party since we all have to stay at home but next year, you can have a PROPER party, inviting your friends and family but for now, the party will have to be with the people you live with. Stay inside, stay safe and have fun!

Easter party food buffet ideas/recipes


This famous cupcake recipe by Mary Berry is perfect for parties, and in this case for your Easter party!

Since this recipe isn’t specifically Easter inspired, we can change something. For example, in the ingredients it says to use edible pink hearts to sprinkle on top of the cupcakes but instead of that, you can use Cadbury’s well-known mini chocolate Easter eggs to make it more fun!


Cadbury’s famous Crème Egg is also a very popular chocolate that people buy a lot during the Easter period and use it in their recipes to make yummy treats for the kids! This Easter chocolate muffin recipe can also be a cure for the cravings pregnancy gives and it has pistachios on them.

Crunchy foods like pistachios, other nuts etc that need lots of chewing creates more Serotonin in the body, which is a hormone that contributes to our well-being and happiness). If you don’t like pistachios, you can use crushed almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts!


The Omelette Pascale is a traditional omelette recipe in Catalonia, Spain that has a back story and apparently became tradition to feed the poor people during Easter. Here is a link to the story as well as the instructions on how to make it, if you love cooking food!

As mentioned before, to make it Easter-inspired, you can purchase Easter themed steel cookie cutters to create different shapes for example, an omelette in the shape of a bunny! This will also make it more fun for babies and young children, if they are fussy as they are growing up. You can find these cookie cutters from large supermarkets or arts & crafts stores like Hobbycraft. 

To make this food even more delicious, you can get creative! Slice some oven cooked sausages and use it to decorate the omelette. For example, you can make a Bunny face by cutting the sausage into eyes, a mouth etc. Sausages however, are part of high calorie foods so make sure to have a balanced diet the rest of the day.


Imagine eating an edible Bird’s nest! Well, you can with this delicious recipe in this YouTube video

This is the perfect treat for kids, so you parents can help them make these nests. It’s one of the most popular Easter treats, a favourite of kids of all ages and we also find it extremely delicious! Too much chocolate however, can be bad for the digestive system so be aware of the amount of chocolate you are eating throughout the day!

Here is another YouTube video showing a vegan/gluten free version of these birds nests made from coconut chips instead of cornflakes.


This is a really simple but tasty Easter treat that everyone can enjoy. Both of these recipes are very similar but you can be imaginative and decorate them in different ways. The first example is a strawberry covered in orange coloured chocolate, except the ‘leafy’ part of the strawberry to make them look like carrots.

In the second example, the strawberries are covered in yellow coloured chocolate with an adorable chick face drawn on top of them with an icing pen! You can get your kids to have lots of fun helping to make these and then enjoy eating them afterwards!  


As previous mentioned, kids need a balanced diet so the best way to stay healthy is plenty of fruits and vegetables! They are extremely refreshing, especially when it’s hot and sunny and you need something cold and juicy like watermelon to cool you down. You can imagine how active kids are, running around, playing and doing a wide variety of activities so a cold snack like picking from this egg shaped fruit platter would be perfect! Cut some strawberries, grapes, bananas, kiwis, watermelon, cucumbers, carrots or any other fruit or vegetable you know your kids love and lay them out to create an Easter egg shape. If you want to be more creative, you can lay them out in a bunny shape or a chick shape too.

You can use our blog to bring out your true colours, your creativity and maybe even your passion to cook all sorts of foods! You can be inspired and also come up with your own recipes. During this quarantine period, you have plenty of time to practise your cooking and baking skills and have your little chefs to help you! Take advantage of this free time because before you know it, you may have to go back to work or be a very busy parent, having to clean the whole house, take your kids to school, after school clubs, etc so this is the best opportunity to have the most amount of quality time with each other while learning skills at the same time!

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