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An Easter party for your little bunnies? Sounds like a great idea! This year, rather than spending money to travel and attend already existing events, it’s safer to have some creative family fun at home! There’s tons of kids’ activities for Easter such as face painting, games and arts and crafts for kids to enjoy. Here are some tips to make the perfect Easter party!

DIY Children’s Art & Crafts Ideas

Children absolutely LOVE to get their hands dirty, whether its literal dirt from playing in the garden or from using their imagination to create art.

Easter DIY crafts printables: With these DIY Easter kid crafts printables, your kids can colour and make their own Easter basket, adorable bunny ears that they can wear and Easter egg shaped decorations to hang on your wall.

Easter Colouring Card: A great indoors activity. Kids will enjoy colouring in this printable Easter card with their favourite colours using pens, pencils, funky shaped crayons or felt tips and gift it to their parent, sibling or best friends. A more personalised card to give to someone as opposed to getting ready-made Easter cards from the store!

Egg-decorating: You can make a basket of decorated Easter Eggs. There’s many options for example, you can use a paintbrush to paint the egg any colour you like. Mix PVA glue with glitter to create a sparkly egg, or you can stick things on the egg such as stickers or sequins. At the end, you can put the decorated eggs in an egg cup to dry- it may take until overnight to dry!

Confetti Eggs: Create festive hollowed-out chicken eggs and fill them with little treats, toys, confetti or anything you like! Perfect to decorate your Easter party table with. For instructions on how to make these, visit: 

Paper roll Bunnies: These adorable bunnies are suitable for children over 5 years old and they would need the help of an adult to tape everything together. Although in the website they have used crafter’s tape to stick everything together, it’s possible that it won’t be strong enough so you can use a glue stick to stick the flat surfaces together and then use a glue gun to stick the pompom bunny tail to the body (making sure your kids don’t go near the glue gun of course!)

Bath Bombs: Our Easter Egg Bath Bomb making kit is the perfect way for parents and kids to bond! This kit is easy to use, has natural ingredients and promotes teamwork and collaboration. Kids will love creating their own bath bombs, and will enjoy bonding with their parents in the process. A more exciting way to have bath time, watching the bubbles move around and fizz in the tub!

Bunny Rabbit hand print: A very simple but creative art idea. Painting is extremely fun for babies since they love to get messy, but also great for kids of any age! All you will need is a piece of card, washable paint and a black marker pen. You can get your child to create an Easter card by first folding the coloured piece of card in half. Then pour some coloured paint into a plate and allow your child to place their hands in the plate and cover their whole hand in paint. Help them to press down their paint covered hand onto the card with their fingers separated to look like a head with bunny ears (as shown in the picture). You can then get them to use the tip of their finger to make eyes and nose for the bunny (with different coloured paint). Wait for the paint to dry and then draw the whiskers with the marker pen- if your child is old enough to draw it then even better!

This activity is wonderful and the fact that your child’s own handprint is used makes it so much more personal and will be kept as a memory you can always cherish! 

Bunny paper plate face: This bunny face craft is so simple to make! Another activity that involves paint, this is great fun for children over 4. If you have a toddler, you would need to help them a lot more. You need to use scissors as well so be very careful your child doesn’t do any cutting unless they are over age 6. 

Fluffy Easter sheep: Create a very cute sheep with only black and white card, a paper plate, cotton balls and a glue gun. It’s easy peasy! All you need to do is stick a bunch of cotton balls onto the plate until its covered and then cut out the face, eyes and legs using the card.

DIY Easter basket:  If your child is older (maybe from age 9 onwards) and wants to create something a little more challenging, then this DIY woven Easter basket made from coloured card is perfect for them! It’s quite basic- cutting long strips of card and weaving them through each other. Here’s the tutorial! 

Children’s Games for parties at home!

Whether or not you decide to have an Easter party, there’s an endless amount of games you and the whole family can enjoy! From card games for kids to board games, the list goes on and on. 

Egg & Spoon race: Here’s an obvious one- this game is extremely popular and is played at many school events and sports fairs. So, since it involves eggs, it makes the perfect Easter game! Each person who wants to play the game (age 4 and up) has to stand next to each other in a line holding out a spoon, with an egg on it. 

The person, most likely an adult who is in charge will say when the race has begun and all participants have to walk or run to the other side of the room/space while balancing the egg at the same time. The first one to reach the other side with the egg AND the spoon still in their hand wins the game.

If you want to make the game even more challenging and if the game is too easy for your older kids, then they can play this game exactly in the same way but while holding a spoon and an egg in each hand rather than just one hand. This game is quite beneficial for child development in the way that it will teach them patience- if you go too fast, the egg will drop! Also, it increases their sense of balance and it keeps them moving and active.

I Love the Easter Bunny: All the players have to sit or stand in a circle.  They take turns counting numbers in order from 1 to 6 (the first child says 1, the next one says 2 etc). The child that comes after 6 has to say ‘I love the Easter Bunny’ instead of saying ‘7’.  If the child forgets to say this, they are out of the game and the game continues until there is only one person left that remembers to say the sentence. You’re probably thinking this game is too easy, and yes that is true for older kids. That’s why this game is perfect for young kids around age 4 because at this age, they are very easily distracted so they will probably forget to say the phrase- great practise for improving their concentration skills.

Tag- Easter Edition! This game is basically the same as the regular Tag game, where one kid runs around and has to catch one of the other players and whoever gets caught then has to be the one to do the catching. However, instead of running, they have to hop like bunnies! 

Easter Egg Hunt- Take your kids on an adventure around the house! Have your own DIY Easter Egg hunt at home, and if possible then in your garden too. There’s plenty of ways to play this game and it depends on your child’s age. For example, where you choose to hide the eggs for your kids to find shouldn’t be too difficult unless your child is over 8 years old- in this case you can make it more challenging. Another thing you can add is Easter egg hunt clues to help them find the eggs!

Peep Eating Race- Hang peeps from the ceiling (peeps are marshmallow chicks) using some string or ribbon. Each child must stand under a peep and as soon as an adult says ‘go’ the kids have to try catching the peeps with their mouth without using their hands. The first kid to finish a peep wins!

Cadbury Mini Eggs Race- This game is slightly similar to the Peep Eating Race game. Players must sit around a table. Each person should have their own empty bowl as well as a bowl filled with Cadbury mini eggs. The aim of the game is to use a metal spoon to get as many mini eggs into the empty bowl, only using their mouth (the mouth holding the spoon and transferring the eggs to the other empty bowl). The first player to fill their empty bowl is the winner.

Face Painting

As a parent, you probably see a lot of events with face-painting involved which kids absolutely love! Some examples are at school fairs, birthday parties, religious celebrations such as Easter and Christmas as well as other yearly celebrations like Halloween, New Year’s day etc. Face painting is generally a great way to keep kids relaxed and occupied and they have lots of fun with it!

For your Easter party, you can have your kids dressed up as Easter characters or Easter-related animals like a bunny, chick, lamb, duck etc. and also do some easy face paint to complete the character/outfit. Some boys are a little fussier to have these animals painted on their face and would prefer something fiercer like a lion face-painting or a tiger face-painting. The best way to create the face paint is in a safe harmless way.

Since most face-paint is made with chemicals which can possibly be toxic for children, we have written a blog about why it can be harmful, how we can avoid it and how to make our own safe DIY face paint at home!

We hope this blog has been a great source of inspiration for your own DIY Easter Party. Comment below if you have any recommendations for what you think would make an Easter Party even more fun!

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