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Have you ever been SO busy as a hardworking parent that sometimes you don’t have the time to find a great game to play with your kids on your day off? Family-time is so important and playing fun games is a great way to spend quality time together.

Apart from quality family time, here are some other benefits of your kids playing games:

  • Games can help your kids to identify colours, count, and develop hand-eye coordination
  • They will learn to be patient when waiting for their turn
  • They learn to follow rules which is really important
  • Certain games encourage healthy brain development
  • Games can expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling skills
  • They can help lengthen your child's attention span
  • They teach the value of teamwork
  • They show kids how to not be affected when they don’t win- they mainly just focus on having fun

So, looking at all these benefits, we want to make your life easier by providing you with the perfect ‘games’ guide! We have researched a range of awesome outdoor as well as fun indoor games for kids to play that we think will also excite the whole family! These categorised games will get you and your children thinking, laughing, moving, interacting and more!


Articulate for Kids (age 6+)

A fast-talking descriptive game for kids and adults with HOURS of entertainment! This fun game improves children's vocabulary as they have to describe things until the other players guess what it is. It keeps kids thinking and so it's a challenging game but it's really exciting! There are over 2,000 topics to choose from like nature- for example you have to describe a starfish (without saying the actual words) and others have to guess that it's a starfish. The perfect board game to play with friends, family or in large groups!

Don't Wake Dad!
(age 5+)

Can your kids reach the fridge and win the cake without waking up Dad!? The first player to reach the cake is the winner! This is a really fun game for the whole family as there is tension and lots of excitement for everyone to compete against each other. The awesome electronic sound effects of the dad snoring, the shrieks of the cat and clattering of pans also really bring this game to life!

One of the most exciting games for kids at home to play together!


Hungry Hungry Hippos (age 4+)

Marble-chomping, hippo-feeding fun! The objective is to basically feed the hungry hippos! Each player has to be really fast at making the hippos eat all the marbles so its an exciting and competitive game! Whoever’s hippo eats the most marbles wins. There’s also a golden marble within the other regular marbles so your kids will be anticipating catching it for an instant win! Easy to assemble and store, this is the PERFECT game for parties. One of the best indoor games for kids!

Kerplunk (age 5+)

A nerve-wracking game of skill! Marble games like this one are so exciting to play with the whole family. It almost makes you nervous (in a good way) as you have to be careful when pulling out  the sticks without the marbles falling through the chute, but it gives you adrenaline and its a classic game that always brings joy to kids! A challenging and competitive game where the player with the least marbles wins! There are 4 different ways to play this game so you’re kids will never get bored!


Operation (age 6+)

Playing with the organs of the body- your kids can pretend to be mini doctors! One of the best things about this board game is being in control of the ailments in the body on the board. They make your kids feel like they are playing 'doctors' and if your child has a passion for science then even better! The buzzing noises are so thrilling as you have to be very careful not to make the sound ‘buzz’ otherwise that means the cardboard cartoon on the operating table doesn't get better and you lose! The perfect science-related game needing a steady hand!


BOP IT! (age 8+)

Bop it, twist it, pull it! One of the most fun games for children. Players have to take 3 actions in a random order, and they need to respond really fast and accurately to win. Your kids can play Bop It for HOURS and never get bored! It's great as it has 3 awesome features and plays music at the same time. It's a very interactive and sensory game to play with friends and tests your memory which is a huge pro. Players can either face-off in the multiplayer mode with the pass and play feature or play by themselves in with the solo mode. The whole game is also just one component so your kids can easily carry it with them to parties or their friends' houses!

Wiki Table Top Air Hockey (age 5+)

Bring the arcade to your own home! Have you ever been to the arcade and you see the Air Hockey game and you or your kids play it and it's so much fun that they never want to stop playing? This game is so popular at arcades and it’s exciting knowing that you can get a smaller version that’s easy to store for your own house and have hours of endless fun! Similar to football, the objective is to score in the opponent's goal and see how many points you can get. Invite your friends and their kids over and play together!


Charades For Kids (age 4+)

A fast-paced, fun-packed and educational group game for kids that gets them acting, laughing and interacting! It's great for all ages so it’s perfect for the family to play together! There are written objects and pictures on the playing cards that children have to act out such as a lion, a plane, a cat etc, and the other players have to guess what is being acted out. This Charades game is tailored for both younger AND older kids so it’s perfect for all ages!

HEDBANZ (age 7+)

The quick question game of “What am I?”. Similar to Charades For Kids, HEDBANZ is also a fast-paced guessing game for the whole family! Each player wears a headband and you have to guess what picture is on the headband of the other players before the time runs out. Kids always love guessing games as it gets them talking and describing which is great for their vocabulary and their critical thinking skills. A truly timeless game, perfect for family game night!

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game (age 3-7)

The perfect memory game for your mini shoppers! This card game is great for little kids as it improves matching, memory and literacy skills in a fun and interactive way!  It involves ‘picking up’ a variety of items you need from your shopping list. Through this game, kids can also learn lots of basic vocabulary about food and shopping too such as oranges, milk, apples, bread etc.

Up to 4 players can play this fun shopping game. You can also get your kids to race against each other to find the items!


Classic Swingball All Surface (age 6+)

This great outdoor game is like tennis but the ball is connected to a pole by a string so when you hit the ball, it won't go too far. This is great because if you're playing in your garden, you don't have to worry about the ball flying into the neighbours house or even hitting any windows! It's safe and it keeps kids active and healthy! The pole that the ball is attached to is height adjustable so its great for your little ones and lasts until they grow older! The game comes with a case with a handle so you can pack everything into this case and take it away with you, on a family trip or to a friend's house. 


Twister (age 6+)

Have fun twisting and turning! This game is fun for kids who love to move around and see how bendy they can get. It's challenging as you have to see how flexible you can be with your hands and feet stuck to the Twister mat without falling over! It’s the perfect group game to play no matter what age you are- great for family fun. The game has a guide with rules for playing in teams and even holding a Twister tournament, perfect for kids birthday parties!

Safety tip: make sure there aren’t any sharp objects around the mat just in case someone falls over.

Wobbly Worm Game (age 3+)

Can you hoop the loopy worm? An incredibly exciting game of throwing hoops on the worm! It’s great as it gets kids moving around which makes them more fit! They can laugh a lot when they miss the worms and they get hoops all over the room! It’s a fun, competitive game and another great thing is that you can add more segments for more motion when your kids get older so it’s a long-lasting game and never gets boring!



So, those are the top 13 games we think you and your kids will absolutely LOVE! You’ll never have a wasted day-off looking for games when you have the perfect guide here! We hope you enjoy these suggestions and let us know in the comments below which ones are your favourites!


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