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Isn’t it great how fast the world of technology is evolving and life is becoming so much easier? Well maybe that’s true but while technology is advancing, the dangers of the internet are also advancing. The online world is like a COMPLETELY different world out there, filled with endless information.

It is becoming easier to take advantage of others and with young children around, we need to be extremely aware and careful that they aren’t negatively impacted by this. There are dangers online that we all need to know about but children and teenagers are the most vulnerable so they especially need to be protected.

The GOOD side of the internet

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to the internet.  There are many benefits of using the internet, no matter what age you are. It can be a really helpful tool as you are growing up. For example, there are so many shy kids out there who come out of their shell when they go online. Its like a safe space for them to be open and not feel the need to hide from anyone. They can socialise and make friends with others their age from all over the world! If your child is facing problems/difficulties, whether its physical or emotional, they can find other children with the same problems that they can relate to and feel like they aren’t alone. One of the biggest benefits of course is the ability to learn online. There are TONS of resources and material available to aid your child in their learning. Of course there is the traditional way of learning which is at school but there are lots of useful websites that can help alongside that.

What dangers can my kids face online?

Kids are naturally very curious and as they get older, their curiosity expands and they begin surfing the internet. They can end up spending hours and hours browsing/searching and get WAY too deep into the internet, finding things that could harm their mental health. As parents, we need to tell our children about the dangers and threats of the internet so that they know all the risks and are less likely to be hurt, bullied, harassed or scammed.

One of the BIGGEST dangers of the internet is bullying and meeting the wrong people that can have a bad influence on your child. There are older predators that can take advantage of innocent children, which is a horrifying thought! Other risks include entering websites that are unsuitable for young kids as well as clicking on links that can give your computer a virus or take personal important information such as address, debit/credit card information and photos.

Here are some SHOCKING statistics that you should be concerned about:

  • 75% of kids would share personal information online in exchange for goods & services.
  • 70% of kids find sexual or violent content online while doing homework.
  • 65% of kids aged 8-14 have been involved in a cyberbullying incident.
  • 17% of kids aged 8-12 received unsuitable messages with photos or words that made them feel uncomfortable and only 7% of parents were aware of this.
  • 16% of kids in high school have considered suicide because of online bullying.

Imagine your own child being part of these statistics? How would that make you feel?

How to protect children online?

The answer about how to protect your child from the internet of course isn’t to go snooping around their computers and finding out secretly what they are up to.

The answer is to raise your child to be open and to communicate with them so they don’t feel like they need to hide anything. You and your child need to build trust in each other so they can come to you whenever they face a problem and to confide in you.

There is a FOOLPROOF method called ‘The Online Youth Awareness And Safety Programme’ that teaches you how to keep kids safe online in a non-intrusive and non-awkward way! This programme is packed with easy-to-follow materials and resources that helps you to connect with your kids and gives you the ability to be able to tell if they are becoming a victim of online danger without having to be ‘nosy’. Your kids will learn how to look out for online predators and scams and how to keep their personal information private.

This amazing programme gives you exclusive access to useful eBooks, e-courses, videos & articles. It will provide you with:

  • Detailed information about cyberbullying, online predators, phishing & accidentally downloading malware
  • Tips & tricks to overseeing your teens' online safety
  • How online dangers can affect your teen’s mental health with topics like anxiety, low self-esteem and depression
  • Ongoing email support
  • Guidance and knowledge from experienced Internet safety experts

It’s time for you and your kids to trust each other

No more snooping around and invading your children’s privacy. No more negative reinforcements such as shouting at them or banning them from using computers or mobile phones. With this programme, you will be able to trust your kids and know that they are safe and protected from online dangers. Your children can also trust you to be there for them whenever they need you. Click here to watch a short clip showing why your kids need to beware of predators when they are browsing or playing games online. 

If only everyone knew about the dangers of the internet, the world would be a much safer place and this is what we all want, especially as concerned parents!

This probably won’t apply to you but just so you know, a FULL 60-Day Money-Back guarantee is also offered when you purchase this programme (just in case you aren’t satisfied for any reason). 

Your kids are your responsibility and you owe it to them to make sure the online environment around them is safe!

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