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Halloween is coming!

Can you believe the creepiest and most fun-filled day of the year is almost here! Finally, you and your kids can carve pumpkins, dress up in your scariest costumes, watch Halloween movies and go trick-or-treating! This blog post will tell you everything Halloween-related, from tips about what to wear, what foods you can make and other great ideas for joining in with the parties and celebration.

Halloween kids costumes

Halloween is just around the corner which means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costume ideas! There are just too many options and too many characters to choose from, so we have narrowed down the best ones that we think your kids will love.

  • Most popular Halloween costumes: Frankenstein, Ghost, Witch, Vampire, Skeleton, Devil, Zombie and Pumpkin. Your local shopping mall or supermarket will have so many different options to choose from. If you are planning something last minute and don’t have time to search for a spooky costume, you can get a basic face paint set and try out some of these YouTube Halloween makeup ideas for kids. If you’re a mum who has lots of makeup at home, you can get creative and use all sorts of eyeshadows, eyeliners etc to create cool designs on your little one’s face!
  • Disney Princesses- young girls absolutely LOVE pretending to be their favourite Disney princesses. You can make their Princess fantasy come true on Halloween by dressing them up as Elsa, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and more! You can also add a touch of spookiness with these sparkly Halloween Pumpkin, Ghost and Spider hair clips to complete the whole Halloween look!
  • Famous movie Superheroes! Some examples of awesome heroes to dress up as are Spiderman, Batman, Superman, HULK and Iron Man! They might not be spooky but they are great characters to dress up as and your little boys will feel powerful on Halloween dressing like their favourite champions!

  • Sweet Candy Rainbow dress- this dress is perfect for girls who want to stand out from the crowd and wear something different. Their fairy-tale Willy Wonka fantasy will come true with this brightly coloured dress filled with lollipops on the craziest day of the year!

Which Halloween movies should I watch?

  1. Hotel Transylvania (age 6+)
    One of the BEST cartoon Halloween movies to watch with the whole family! It’s a really fun film full of exciting creepy characters like mummies, Frankenstein, vampires and more! There’s lots of funny parts that even you parents will die of laughter! Your children will learn about love, relationships, being true to oneself and the beauty of a father’s love.
  1. Corpse Bride (age 8+)
    A beautiful and moving story of three people (one dead) doing their best to find and give comfort to each other. There are many emotions shown in this film such as having fun, sadness, love and humour and there is emphasis on the power of innocent kindness given to those who need it! A great classic by Tim Burton with an undead world of skeletons, corpses and creepy ghosts!
  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (age 7+)
    This Harry Potter movie (as well as the 7 other Harry Potter films) are the most well-known and incredible films that you can watch with the family over and over again, without ever getting bored! It’s full of magic and fun, with some creepy characters that could be great for Halloween like witches, wands, ghosts and pumpkins! The perfect movies for your young kids to learn about love, friendship, strength, family, morality and bravery.
  1. The Addams Family - 1991 (age 10+)
    This 90s film has a lot of creepy craziness that is more suitable for the older kids such as one of the parts involving a young girl called Wednesday that sleeps with a headless doll and chases him with an axe! A classic and hilarious film about a twisted, unique family who reconnect with a long-lost relative who isn’t who he appears to be.

More Halloween films we think would be great to watch with your kids of different ages:

- Coco (age 7+)
- Coraline (9+)
- Hocus Pocus (12+)
- Casper (6+)
- Frankenweenie (8+)
- The Book Of Life (7+)
- Scooby- Doo (8+)
- Beetlejuice (11+)
- The Craft (14+)
- ParaNorman (8+)
- The House With A Clock In Its Walls (12+)
- The Nightmare Before Christmas (10+)
- Monster Family (7+)
- James and the Giant Peach (6+)

Halloween Party decorations

We want you to have the ULTIMATE Halloween party of the year! And if you don’t want to have a party, who says you can’t still decorate your house and enjoy spooky season with your family and kids!?

The best way to decorate is by getting your little ones involved in the process. Kids naturally want to get involved in everything and by doing so, they will learn about teamwork, socialising and collaboration. Teamwork will help your kids succeed, not only in school but throughout their whole lives! They need to learn to give and take, share, take turns, play to their strengths and draw in other people to fill the gaps. It’s a CORE social skill so what better way to practice this than decorating the house together with scary decorations or carving pumpkins! They will also learn to start doing things by themselves rather than depending on you parents to do it for them.

Here us the PERFECT Halloween Decorations Kit with all the necessities to celebrate Halloween! You can get this whole ready-to-go pack filled with spooky arts and crafts and create a unique bonding experience with your kids.

This bundle includes 8 exciting things from cobwebs and hanging spiders to bloody hand and feet stickers! There is a 14-page downloadable PDF that your kids can have fun colouring in, cutting out and sticking Halloween characters on the door or window. They can also use their imagination and creativity to get crafty with the hanging wooden cut-outs. They can paint them, draw on them, colour them in or even stick things like sequins or glitter on them if they want and then hang them up on the wall. You can see the spark in your kids eyes as they create a spooky masterpiece they (and of course you parents) can be proud of!

These wooden Pumpkin and Boo hanging boards are really cute to add to your decorations or even just to keep in general for the whole Autumn season! And finally, if you decided to throw a party, you can get this cool Halloween Photography backdrop to add to the Halloween/Autumn atmosphere. With this backdrop, you and the kids can get ready and dress up before going trick-or-treating and take pictures together in front of it to keep forever!

Halloween games for kids

Here are some really exciting Halloween party games, perfect for all ages! 

  1. Mummy Sack Race:
    All you will need is toilet paper- lots and lots of it! It’s basically a race between all the players but as Mummies! Wrap each players body with toilet paper all around their legs and the first person to get to the finish line without tearing the paper wins!

  2. Pumpkin Patch Stomp
    Before inflating, fill orange balloons or balloons with a pumpkin picture on it, with sweets or chocolates. Your mini trick-or-treaters can then stomp around the "pumpkin patch" in your garden to find the hidden treats inside!

  3. Pin the nose on the Witch!
    Exactly like pin the nail on the donkey, except a creepy Witch version! You can print out this picture (the bigger, the better) and players take turns trying to stick the nose onto the Witch’s face while being blindfolded. 
  1. Pass the Parcel
    The first thing to do is to buy a fun Halloween gift and wrap it with wrapping paper. Then, you need to keep wrapping the parcel in many (however many you want) layers of wrapping paper, with little treats such as sweets or toys taped in between each layer. Players need to sit around in a circle, with the music playing and the players have to pass the parcel around the circle. Once the music stops, whoever the parcel has landed on has to rip the first layer of the parcel to reveal a surprise treat inside! Play the music again until it lands on the next person to unwrap the next layer and keep doing this until someone finally reaches the mystery prize in the centre! Head to this page for different variations of this game!

Yummy Halloween Party Food Recipes!

No Halloween party is complete without delicious Halloween food! After all, isn’t trick-or-treating the main part of Halloween where your kids go crazy with all those sweets and chocolates that could last them a lifetime!? Well, we’ve found the perfect website with 21 different creepy foods that you can make yourself. Involve your kids in the process and have a wonderful bonding time celebrating and cooking together. There are foods that will creep the PANTS off you, if you’re ready for it! Some examples of are the Bloody Mary Syringes that literally look like real needles and Halloween cupcakes with ‘dripping blood’ and pieces of broken ‘glass’ that are actually made from candy- crazy right!?

From very simple and quick recipes to more sophisticated recipes, there is something for everyone!

So there you have it- a simple but informative guide packed with spooky Halloween party ideas so you and your kids can have the ultimate party of 2021! Comment below any of your own unique party ideas and let us know if you used any of our suggestions!

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