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Personal Experience: This game is fun for kids who love to move around and see how bendy they can get! It's challenging as you have to see how flexible you can be with your hands and feet stuck to the Twister mat without falling over. I played this game with friends when i was around 10 years old but it's a perfect game to play no matter what age you are- great for family fun! You can play with up to four people. Ideal for:
  • Young girls and boys of any age over 6 years, even adults!
  • Birthday parties
  • Gatherings with friends or family
  • The game isn't suitable for children under 3
  • Younger kids (under 6 years old) should be supervised as the positions that they might do could possibly injure them.
  • Make sure there isn't any sharp objects around the mat just in case someone falls over.

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