Twinkl Kids' TV

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Twinkl Kids' TV has a wide variety of educational videos for young kids like experiments, sensory activities and arts & crafts activities as well as academic videos such as videos to help improve maths and english skills! Personal review: This video shows kids how to wash their hands in a fun way! I love the cartoon superhero of the soap that demonstrates by rapping a song about the whole routine so that kids can learn how to properly wash germs away. By using a sing-along technique, children can become more engaged and eager to join in and eventually memorise the song! After watching: Watch other videos on their Youtube channel such as this phonics rap which helps kids to learn some tricky words with the help of a rapping Dinosaur! Additionally, go to the Twinkl Parents youtube channel for a variety of videos that is useful for parents and carers with advice on how to keep themselves and their kids happy and healthy!

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