Tough Guys Have Feelings Too

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An incredible book about strong men showing a range of emotions, from a crying wrestler to a sad tattooed biker. Personal review: There are many fun characters like knights, superheroes and ninjas that send a powerful message about how everyone gets sad, not just girls. We need to help children to break society's stereotype that males ‘have to be strong' and shouldn't ‘be sad' or cry. Boys should be able to express themselves exactly like everyone else. It shows kids that they shouldn't bottle up their emotions as it can lead to problems later in life such as tantrums or anger. Being able to speak about their feelings keeps them calm and helps them to solve their problems in a more positive and healthy way. Kids will love these colourful and appealing illustrations as well as the heartwarming image of a father and son's relationship at the end of the book! Before reading: Discuss with your child what they think about boys having emotions. Have they seen boys or men crying before? After reading: Test your child on what they learnt by asking them:
  • What did you learn from the story?
  • What should boys do if they are feeling sad? (If your child is a boy, ask them personally what they would do if they feel sad or want to cry).

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