The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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Judith Kerr has created a timeless classic to treasure generation after generation. It has been one of the nation's favourites for 50 years now. The Tiger Who Came to Tea is among the few favourite books of many toddlers aged between 2 to 4 years. The story explores what makes a child happy in their imagination, how sweet and unbelievable it is for a tiger to come to their home to eat with them!

Personal review:

I love many of my son's picture books but this is the one that I always remember. It has been a favourite of my son since he was not even 3 years old yet and is still every week one of his bedtime stories. I never feel like “not again!” when my son chooses this to be read for his bed time. I think this is because of the lovely detailed hand-drawn pictures and the sweet fun story with a lovely sense of nostalgia- a milkman and the grocery boy which takes me back to my childhood memories. The illustrations are charming and simple and capture the gaze of kids. It should be in every child's book collection!

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