The Invisible String

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This is a beautiful story about a mother telling her two children about an invisible string that connects people to their loved ones no matter where they are and what circumstances they are under. Personal review: This book is the perfect tool to teach children about how to cope with separation anxiety or losing someone that they love. The interesting approach of this ‘invisible string' reassures children and adults that we are always connected to our loved ones no matter what and this connection is unbreakable. A truly heart-warming book that kids of all ages can appreciate, through the deep discussions about love and the lovely vibrant illustrations. Before reading: Discuss with your child what does love mean? How does your child feel that a friend or a family member is very far away? (Someone who lives far away, or someone who has passed away). After reading: Test your child by asking them:
  • What did you learn from the story?
  • What is the 'invisible string'?
Extras: Visit the author's website for a range of fun and exciting activities in the official Invisible String Activity Kit that kids can get creative with!

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