The Harry Potter Series

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A vocabulary-filled yet imaginatively fantasied book series which can turn any child into an immediate bookworm. As soon as my daughter read the first chapter she couldn't stop reading... literally!! This was the first book she actually read without us having to force it into her hands, and she has become an absolute fan ever since, and after years still continues to adore this fantasy. She even insists it exists in a second- reality. Since she has read this series, she has not only enjoyed it, but also broadened a new interest, wider imagination, and her english skills (grammar, techniques, vocabulary, e.t.c) have also seen a large increase as she has come up with better performances in creative writing and even surprised me with her sudden intelligence boost. It is recommendable to almost anyone that can read! The author, J.K. Rowling, is a very inspiring and influential woman, whose book series and life story can both be found everywhere across the internet. This series is famous as it is already but i feel that anyone who reads this whose mind hasn't come across to introducing this spellbound series to their children, here's my recommendation for you!!

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