The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

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Personal review: This kid's journal provides the perfect opportunity to practice kindness and gratitude. In today's society, there is always some form of competition between school kids over who owns the coolest toys, gadgets and other things so this causes them to want more instead of appreciate what they already have. Through this journal, children can learn appreciation, be thankful for all the good things in life. There are lots of pages specially designed for different tasks such as listing 3 things that gave you joy on a certain day, or naming 3 friends you are thankful for and noting your feelings every day. Listing things that you are thankful for on a daily basis is the perfect start to the day, or if you prefer to complete the tasks at night, that's great too, help your kids to get into the habit of focusing on all the positive aspects of their lives. It's very easy and fun and you and your child can create an even stronger connection through completing these tasks together!

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