National Geographic kids

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National Geographic Kids

'Nat Geo Kids' on youtube is the perfect channel where children can go on a virtual adventure, learning about nature and discovering weird and wild videos of fascinating animals from around the world! A great and fun way to learn about science!

Personal review:

I love how in this very short video, you find out some cool facts about African lions. Boys and girls of any age love learning about animals, especially fierce powerful ones like lions that is usually one of their favourites!

Did you know that a lions roar can be heard up to 5 miles away!? Sit with your kids and watch this awesome video and learn more cool facts about the African lion!

After watching:

Test your kids by asking them what they learnt about the African lion- see if they can name a couple of facts!

You can also get your kids to get arty! They can do some lion-related art, for example drawing or painting a picture of a lion or a cub, with their favourite colours. Get messy and creative but most importantly, have fun!

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