My Strong Mind II

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Personal review: This book is about a boy called Jack who uses his strong mind to overcome the challenges and difficulties he faces with a happy and positive attitude. Some challenges kids can face in school and in general are low self-esteem, controlling anger, dealing with peer pressure and many more. Jack shows through this story how to apply a positive attitude using specific techniques to deal with these challenges and your children can learn about confidence, resilience and a generally positive mindset. I love this book as its great in encouraging kids to manage their emotions in a much healthier way! After reading: Test your child on what they learnt by asking them:
  • What did you learn from the story?
  • If you are in a difficult situation, how will you overcome it?
Extras: Click here for free exercises that will help give your child more mental strength. There's also a free Primary School program with more than 25 exercises as well as a free 40 page self-help guide for adults.    

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