My Strong Mind

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Personal review: This book is about a girl called Kate who uses her strong mind to overcome the challenges she faces with a happy and positive attitude. Some challenges she faces is getting ready in time every morning, playing basketball, doing cartwheels and speaking in front of the class. Through this story, she shows kids techniques for developing the mind such as setting goals, doing mindfulness or breathing exercises, showing gratitude and others. I think that through reading this fun and simple story, children can learn about confidence, resilience and a growth mindset, learning to accept mistakes they make and grow from them which is very important as they are growing up! Your kids can also read the book ‘My Strong Mind 2' which talks about the power of positive thinking. After reading: Test your child on what they learnt by asking them:
  • What did you learn from the story?
  • If you are in a difficult situation, how will you overcome it?
Extras: Click here for free exercises that will help give your child more mental strength. There's also a free Primary School program with more than 25 exercises as well as a free 40 page self-help guide for adults.

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