My Many Colored Days

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Personal review:

This Dr. Seuss book has wonderful and colourful illustrations and colours, with expressive paintings of characters that represent different emotions such as a quiet green fish, a sad purple dinosaur, an angry wolf and many more!
At this very young age, children start to have a wide range of emotions but may lack the words and understanding to be able to express themselves. This story helps kids to describe their feelings easier, resulting in less meltdowns and normalises the experience of having emotions. It can be used as a resource to make the connection between colours and feelings. Additionally, it teaches children that emotions don't define them as a person.
The extra bonus is that this book can help toddlers to learn their colours at the same time!

Before reading:

Discuss with your child about all the different kinds of emotions- when has your child felt sad? Happy? Angry?

After reading:

This book can be used as a fun game- every day in the mornings, you can discuss with your child what colour/emotion they would choose to have, encouraging them to choose the positive colours and positive emotions, starting their day in the best way possible!

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