Mr. Worry: A Story about OCD

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What exactly is OCD?

OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) is a brain and behaviour disorder that causes anxiety for those who are affected. It can create unwanted distressful thoughts and worries for people. In children, it can affect school and extracurricular activities, having friendships and self-care.

This story is about a boy called Kevin who suffers from OCD. He isn't able to sleep unless he's sure he has done everything first such as perfectly tidying his room, making sure his chair is pushed in and other non-stop thoughts and worries. In the end, his parents take him to the doctor who teaches him techniques as well as suitable medication to be able to overcome his terrors and makes great progress.

Personal review:

A great book that helps children understand better what OCD is, why they are feeling a certain way as well as suggestions on how to manage so that they don't struggle when they get older. Reading this story can make kids feel like they aren't alone and to better understand why other children with this difficulty could be acting differently to others.

Before reading:

Ask your child if they know what OCD is. Have they ever had distressful or worrying thoughts about certain things?

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