Monopoly Junior Board Game

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Personal review: Very powerful way of teaching your child the impact of money. This is a great adaptation of the adult version with simpler property prices and rules, which makes the game much faster paced and better for youngsters. This was not personally my favourite game when I was child, but I think there is a positive side in this game which helps child's practical and logical thinking, how to count money, how to collect cash in the game and also learn about it in real life. It was heart-breaking when my son said to me so sadly why his money was being 'stolen' by other players (even his mummy) at age 5 !! But then also I was proud of him when he could quickly accept that this is the logic of the game and he should be passionate and alert and be hopeful for the changes in the game as the game goes on. So I recommend this junior version definitely. Ideal for:
  • A present to someone for Christmas or Birthday
  • Family gatherings

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