Mindful Kids (Mindful Tots)

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Do you know why Mindfulness is so amazing?

Simply put, Mindfulness is when you pay full attention to something, really noticing what you are doing. When you are mindful, you are focusing on something in a calm and relaxed way rather than just rushing everything. Being mindful helps people cope under stressful situations in a calmer and healthier way, paying more attention and being more patient. So wouldn't it be great if kids can do this early on?

Personal review:

This isn't the typical paged book- it is a boxed card deck with 50 mindfulness activities great for kids aged 4 and over. There are different exercises that are divided into 5 categories that helps kids to feel calm, grounded, improve their concentration and learn to be more kind and loving.

The colourful illustrations and characters on the cards are very eye-catching and the simplistic language makes it easier for younger children to understand.

Perfect for kids who aren't able to sit still and are spending too much time on game consoles or in front of the TV. It's made for girls and boys aged around 4 to 10 but that doesn't mean older kids can't appreciate them and learn from them too- it's even great for adults!

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