I Miss You: A First Look at Death

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How can you discuss the concept of 'passing away' with your kids? Talking about a loved one passing away is always a very difficult subject, particularly for young kids as they aren't at the age where they can fully understand the concept of death and be able to express their feelings easily. This book explains in a realistic but reassuring way why people die and the difficulties of saying goodbye and normalises the feelings of sadness, grief and loss. Personal review: The simple language and the beautiful sympathetic and empathetic illustrations helps children to relate when they go through this difficulty. A perfect book that allows parents and children to talk about the facts of life and death and prepares them for the future to express themselves and heal from it. The book ends by discussing how to remember people and to think of all the positive memories, which is a lovely and healthy way to cope with their emotions. Before reading: Ask your child if they know what 'passing away' means. After reading: Test your child by asking them:
  • What did you learn from the story?
  • What happens when people pass away?

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