I Can Do Hard Things

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Affirmations start the day right! Affirmations are short sentences that we repeat every day to make us feel positive- whether its loving ourselves, appreciating what we have, being thankful for our health etc. These sentences are written in the first person and in the present tense (as its important to live in the moment). An example is every morning after you wake up, you say a few times 'I am happy and healthy' and really believe in the words. Personal review: One of the most inspiring books I think can benefit kids so much! The mindful affirmations in this book are wonderful words of positivity and encouragement, teaching kids to be brave and confident, even through the hardships and difficulties of life! I love the lovely illustrations of multicultural characters, showing children of different ethnicities, religions and abilities in a positive light that everyone can relate to. It encourages kids to speak up, being able to say no to people, practising kindness and many more. For the difficult situations, it tells kids ‘to listen for that quiet voice inside' as well as many other great affirmations that can reassure children on a daily basis no matter what they go through. After reading: Practise saying affirmations together. Try to make it into a routine- get into the habit of doing this every morning when you wake up and every night before going to sleep. A great way to connect together! Extras: You can find a fun activity guide relating to this book here, as well as exciting posters and colouring pages so your kids can get creative! There is also information about the author as well as a range of more wonderful books for kids.

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