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Crab & Whale

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Author: Mark Pallis & Christiane Kerr
Age suitability: 2-8

Do you know why Mindfulness is so amazing?

Simply put, Mindfulness is when you pay full attention to something, really noticing what you are doing. When you are mindful, you are focusing on something in a calm and relaxed way rather than just rushing everything. Being mindful helps people cope under stressful situations in a calmer and healthier way, paying more attention and being more patient. So wouldn't it be great if kids can do this early on?

Personal review:

A lovely book about two characters, Crab and Whale who explore kindness and being able to stay calm during a challenge. This story introduces mindfulness and helps kids to become more aware of their breath, bodies and their emotions. It helps energetic children to focus and relax and is great for kids who struggle with falling asleep or those who have worries.
Parents and children can practice breathing exercises together through the joyful illustrations.

After reading:

Practise being mindful together. As you are completing tasks together, remind your child to be mindful of what they are doing. A great way to connect together!