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Classic Swingball All Surface

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Age suitability: 6+

Personal review:

This game is like tennis but the ball is connected to the pole by a string so when you hit the ball, it won't go too far. This is great because if you're playing in your garden, you don't have to worry about the ball flying into the neighbours house or even hitting any windows! It's safe and it keeps kids active and healthy! The pole that the ball is attached to is height adjustable so its great for your little ones and lasts until they grow older! The game comes with a case with a handle so you can pack everything into this case and take it away with you, on a family trip or to a friend's house.

Ideal for:

  • Playing in the garden
  • Kid's parties
  • Travelling


Not suitable for very young kids particularly under age 3 as it can cause injury as well as entanglement of the string that the ball is connected to.

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