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Age suitability: 4+

'Chimpanzee' is one of the very entertaining Disneynature documentaries, which takes you deep into the life of animals, habitat intelligence and social chimpanzees.

Personal review:

Disneynature documentaries are great for kids because the story is narrated for them while watching it so it really engages them and grabs their attention. The storyline in regards to the little orphan is also uplifting and very heart-warming.
Our kids generally love animals so they will enjoy watching nature documentaries- especially when they specifically feature animals like chimpanzees!

It's beneficial to take our kids away from watching cartoons all the time. Instead, we should give them something more educational to watch. For example, you can make a list of these kind of nature documentaries for kids that are educational and inspiring and will teach them about life on Earth with phenomenal cinematography and fascinating storytelling.

Before watching:

Discuss with your child about animals- maybe you can ask them what they think about chimpanzees! Get them more excited by asking them to describe the appearance of the chimpanzee and when you start watching it, they can see if they were right or not!

After watching:

You can recommend it to friends and family and kids who love chimpanzees and would enjoy this documentary!


I would recommend this type of nature-documentary for kids to watch. However, since it's real life and there may be some violent scenes of hunting as well as mating or birthing scenes, its best to supervise them. Alternatively, you can preview it beforehand so you can either fast forward the unsuitable scenes or be there to answer questions that they might have.

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