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Car seat | Cybex Gold Pallas S-Fix

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Age suitability: 9 months to 12 years

Cybex Gold Pallas S-Fix

The 2 criteria to choose a car seat are your child's comfort & safety.

Cybex offers superior comfort for your little ones. For extra security, the seat can be fitted with an Isofix connector and a safety cushion that sits in front of your child that makes it easier for you to get your child in and out of the car.

Cybex offers the highest level of protection. The main issue of kids in their car seat is that they prefer more space and need to be comfortable, otherwise they try to get up or release the seatbelt from the solders. This car seat is extra safe because it is trapped in by a cushion that fits up to their chest so it's much safer. More importantly, in the case of a crash, the cushion prevents pull on your baby's shoulders and neck. It also has the benefit of preventing your child from breaking loose. The only thing you may worry about is if they get too hot and feel uncomfortable in the seat.

Cybex's car seats not only comes with installation guides, but also guides you with 'how-to' videos. Moreover, I think you can buy the Sensor Safe clip separately which connects to your smartphone and it works with Cybex Platinum and Gold car seats. If you'd rather not pay for this technology, that is also an option.

This seat will fit well until your little one is 12 years old so it's a great twelve-year investment!

You will absolutely love this car seat. Don't be so quick to buy any car seat for your kid just because its cheaper or because you're just in a rush- learn from my mistake, where I did the same. If you choose the wrong one, your child could figure out how to unclip the car seat and try to escape which can be very dangerous as it could distract the driver! So, make this specific car seat your number one choice!

The only thing is that at first, my son didn't like the front cushion. He shouted every time to not put him in but within a few days he was used to it and ending up falling asleep so quickly without his head flopping forward when he falls asleep. The best part is that we have had no escapes with this seat at all! Would 100% buy again.

Please note: The cover is washable but I personally prefer a darker colour. Remember kids always eat and drink in the car, if you choose the light colour then you may need to wash it every week!