Can I Catch It Like a Cold? - kidelp

Can I Catch It Like a Cold?

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Author: Centre For Addiction And Mental Health
Age suitability: 7-12

How can my kids cope with my depression? There are useful ways that kids can cope with a parent's depression in a healthy way and this book is the perfect example. This book is a story about a boy, Alex who's father doesn't work anymore and seems to want to sleep all the time. He is very worried and finds out that his father suffers from depression, wondering if he too can 'catch it', like a cold. His mother, soccer coach and school counsellor are all able to educate him about this difficult topic, as well as being able support him and help him with the struggles that he and his family face.

Personal review:

This book teaches about what depression is and how it's treated. It is inspiring and offers a solution for families who are also facing the same problems, and children can relate and be reassured that they aren't alone in this.

Before reading:

Ask your child if they have heard of the term 'depression' and what they understand about it.

After reading:

Test your child on what they learnt by asking them:

  • Do you understand what depression is? Do you know anyone with depression?
  • How can you overcome the difficulties of knowing someone with depression?