Birds of Paradise mating dance - kidelp

Birds of Paradise mating dance

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Age suitability: 4+

This short video from the 'BBC Planet Earth Season 1 Episode 1' documentary shows this wonderful Bird of Paradise dancing!

Personal review:

The birds of paradise dancing are incredibly beautiful! They are also weird and silly to young kids so they will definitely enjoy watching it and maybe even laugh at these birds that are unique and they have never seen before in real life!

Although this is just a short part of the episode, you can purchase the full-length version here. It's truly amazing to get your children to start watching nature documentaries from a young age where they can learn a lot and it can be a fun but educational time away from their games and toys.

After watching:

You can get your kids to be creative and draw a beautiful bird from the video using colouring pencils or even get messy with paint!