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Be Kind

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Author: Pat Zietlow Miller
Age suitability: 3-6

This story is about a girl, Tanisha who spills juice on her new dress and her classmate makes her feel much better. It explores the power of kindness towards other people and standing up to bullies and making a difference in people's lives in general.

Personal review:

I love this book because it inspires really great discussions with my 5 year old and really gets him thinking. I pull it out every once in a while when I feel as though he needs a good reminder about what KINDNESS truly is and looks like. He always seems moved by the end of the story and I usually get a good hug from him. I love that it has such an effect on him!

Before reading:

Ask your child to explain what they think is the meaning of kindness and to give some examples of being kind to others.

After reading:

Have conversations with your child about the different ways to be kind and also about what things are unkind, even when not necessarily mean.