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Back to Front and Upside Down

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Author: Claire Alexander
Age suitability: 4-7

Back to Front and Upside Down

Stan is a puppy whose letters come out jumbled up when writing 'Happy Birthday' on a card for the school principal's birthday. He's worried to ask his teacher for help as he thinks he will be laughed at, however his friend encourages him to do so anyway and reassures him that no one is perfect. To his surprise, he isn't the only one that is struggling and that everyone needs a little help from others sometimes- with practice and help from others, he realises that he can succeed!

Personal review:

Unfortunately, many children struggle and are too afraid to ask the teacher for help as they feel like they will be embarrassed. So this book encourages asking for help when you need it and gives children the confidence to speak up about any problems they may be facing. A lovely book that is indirectly about dyslexia, with great characters and pictures that children that can relate to, particularly if they face the same difficulties.

Before reading:

Ask your child if they have ever struggled with anything before. What did they do about it?

After reading:

Test your child on what they learnt by asking them:

  • What did you learn from the story?
  • What will you do from now on if you need help with something?