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Angus Steakhouse- Coventry Street

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Angus Steakhouse in the heart of London's West End

A great place in the hustle and bustle of the city, to enjoy a family dinner in this restaurant well-known for it's delicious steak. Choose a variety of meals such as the Speciality Angus Sliced Steak, the Double Dipped BBQ Wide Pork Ribs or the traditional fish and chips.

There's also a kid's menu with equally tasty dishes like the Minute Steak, Crispy Chicken Strips or Macaroni Cheese. Children can get the £7.95 meal deal which is great as it comes with a main course, a side, a drink and a yummy dessert!


21-22 Coventry St, Piccadilly, West End, London W1D 7AE