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Amazing Animals | Nat Geo Kids

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Age suitability: 5+

Amazing Animals is a series from National Geographic Kids that shows us a different animal in each episode. These short, one-minute episodes give viewers a taste of some of the most unique and interesting facts about animals all over the world.

Personal Review:

You will learn amazing facts about the giant pacific octopus in this video. I really enjoy this video series which are very brief with notable facts about animals. The most funny parts for my son are the dialogues with hilarious jokes. It's a great way to keep kids entertained while learning things at the same time.

Before watching:

You can show a photo of the giant octopus and ask your children what do they know about them. Where do they think they live? What sort of food do they eat? Do they like to know more about them?

After watching:

They can draw a picture of a giant octopus or print out an image. Note down what they have learnt about them on top of the image. Ask them what other types of animals in the Pacific Ocean would they like to know more about. Go to the National Geography Kids YouTube Channel for more amazing animal videos.