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A Whole New Ballgame: A Rip & Red Book

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Author: Phil Bildner
Age suitability: 8-12

What is having Autism like?

Autism is a developmental disability affecting people's communication and relatability to other people around them, creating difficulties with everyday social interaction.

Personal review:

This book is about two best friends Rip and Red, who has autism. They both share a passion for basketball and go through some troubles. They have a new teacher called Mr Acevedo who looks unique, has tattoos and is very different from other teachers- he doesn't believe in homework or having tests and this sudden change makes Rip and Red feel uncomfortable and uneasy, especially since he is now also their basketball teacher!

I love that the book ends on a positive note as in the end, Rip and Red are able to support each other and help each other when they get out of their comfort zones. The characters are fun, energetic and relatable and children will love the illustrations. A great book about the value of friendship and perfect for children who are usually very active and need a book that will help them to sit and relax and dive into the story. Good for those who have difficulty engaging and interacting with other children and are generally uncomfortable in social settings. A fun book about school, sports and friendship!

Before reading:

If your child has Autism, ask them what they understand about it
Discuss any difficulties they may be facing, in school and in general.

After reading:

Ask your child what they learnt about Autism and how they can try to manage their difficulties in the future.