All her life Sima has been a passionate cook. Having learnt recipes from her grandmother and with a professional chef degree from Westminister College, Sima has gained a reputation in North London for creating traditional Persian dishes, some of which are not commonly available. She also loves to cook modern Iranian food, international dishes, and to prepare pickles, jams, spices and organic herbal medicines. Sima has many repeat customers because of how delicious her food tastes, how she decorates her dishes and her understanding of nutrition and individual dietary needs. Every day Sima is in her kitchen cooking flavoursome savoury dishes and unique desserts with fresh, authentic ingredients.
My name is Sima. I absolutely love cooking all kinds of traditional and modern Iranian dishes as well as international dishes. I enjoy preparing all kinds of pickles and jams, a variety of desserts, spices, dried vegetables and all kinds of organic herbal medicines. Ever since I was a teenager, I had a special interest in cooking and decorating food. Most of my cooking experience was gained by practicing with and learning from my family, including my dear mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle's wife. I was always eager to know the types of foods and their originality, and with very limited facilities, I presented the foods with the best decoration and flavours.
I prepare food with a lot of love every single day. All the people who have eaten my food and experienced my cooking skills, have firstly praised the presentation of the food and then the taste of the food. With my passion for cooking deepening over the years, I decided to pursue the profession academically, earning a Bachelor's degree from one of the best colleges in London, Westminster College.
My goal and purpose is to bring awareness for the forgotten Persian traditional foods that deserve more recognition in today's society, especially to the food lovers and enthusiasts who are looking for organic and healthy ways to cook. With my many years of research and learning, I have dedicated myself to bringing back traditional foods for us all around the world. With your cooperation and our combined efforts, we can accomplish something truly special. Let's revive traditional foods together!
I believe that traditional food is one of the best ways to connect with a culture. When you eat traditional food, you’re not just tasting something delicious – you’re getting a taste of history and all that comes with it. For two years now, I have been capturing the various foods I cook daily and writing down how to prepare the food for each and every one of you. I hope you can all have the opportunity to try my foods and enjoy them. 
Lastly, I hope to help all you wonderful people who follow me on this platform to pursue your passions in cooking too!

🌿I wish you all great health & happiness🌿
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